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Why You Need This ESSENTIAL Life Skill

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

The other night, I had an important talk with one of my four sons, Derick. The kind of talk that I know I am going to have to drill into him over and over and over again. Do you know what kind of talk I am thinking about?

I am sure you do!


He was so upset that I was not allowing him to do something because I was not sold on the fact that he deserved it. That's right! It was the SALES Talk.

"You are always being sold to or you are always selling" I told him.

It took some explaining to him on what selling was, but once I explained that it was about convincing someone of something and gaining a reward, or commission of sorts, it became clear to him. He was not getting his way because he has not convinced me to let him have his way.

It is the same for all of us. People think sales are just for salespeople when in reality it is in everything that we do. I had to sell the idea to my girlfriend at the time, that it was a good idea to marry me. She's now my wife, but I still have to sell this idea every day to her that it is still a good sell. You get it? A good marriage is the ultimate commission.

Everything is about selling and you receive a commission on that sell in one way or another. Commissions are not just financial, but a general reward for selling your idea or product to someone.

I am still trying to get the commission of having a dog someday, but my wife still out sells me on that idea, so dog-less we are. That's her commission! A dog free home.


As a business consultant and sales trainer I help people get the training they need to become the best at sales that they can possible be. From on-demand training to personalized one-on-one coaching, they and you, need to hone this skill that is sales. Your business and life depend on it.

Regardless of your position at work or at home, sales training is an essential life skill. Especially with the world-wide chaos that seems to be going on, it's essential that you set yourself apart from your peers and secure your position and become essential.

When you are ready to get ahead, schedule a free call with me to see what that training might look like for you.


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