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Why Clients Don't Buy From You

Ever wonder why clients are not buying from you? You have it posted on your website, you share all these links to social media and get people to your website, but to no avail, they don't make the purchase, they don't sign up for your class or sessions. Why? People seem to think it's their pricing. "Oh the price must be the reason, let's adjust that"

The problem is not the price!


The reason people do not buy from you, is because they don't trust you.

Don't take it personal, but people are not buying your service or product because they do not trust your service or your product will deliver the result they are seeking. It's not your fault either. Your client has seen or experienced something that may have nothing to do with you, that causes their mistrust. It is your job to break down those walls of mistrust, gain credibility and close the sale!

"But how can I do that if I have never met with the client or if the client doesn't want to meet with me?"

The world today is more virtual than ever before and getting in front of the client has never been easier. If you look back, even 10 years ago, clients pretty much had to meet with you in person, read your book or see some awful website that info-dumped a bunch of garbage on to them.


It's not so in today's world. Let's go over some of the ways you can build trust with your clients before you ever talk to them directly.

1. YouTube

Besides being a search engine on it's own, YouTube is one of the best ways to get in front of your customer. They get to see your face, see how you talk, interact and what content you have to share. People can relate to you better and feel comfortable interacting with you through video and comments. If you do not have a YouTube channel or feel uncomfortable with the camera (I know I do), then there are more options.

2. Podcasting

Even if you have a YouTube Channel, a podcast is an ABSOLUTE MUST! Did you know that people will listen to a podcast longer than they will watch a YouTube channel? Why is that? It is because people like to multi-task and it's easier to do things while listening to something, rather than to sit and watch something. People listen to podcasts in their car during their commute, at work and at home while working on tasks. They can hear your personality shine through their speakers and you automatically make a connection to your ideal client. Starting a podcast is super easy. I did a whole instructional video on it here.

3.Social Media

Your client will most likely be on social media. Whatever platform they use the most, that is where you should focus. That doesn't mean you should not be on others. I would have a profile on most of them, but focus your energy on where your target client will be.

There is the number one rule when it comes to social media. DON'T. BE. FAKE. Be real and be yourself! People do not relate to perfect people, which none of us are. They relate to people who are just like them. Coaches and entrepreneurs avoid posting pictures or content because they feel like it has to be perfect. That's just plain wrong. Be you!


The important thing is that you are getting yourself out there. No matter how you do it, interaction with the client is key to building trust. Leave a comment on how you build trust with your client.


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