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How To Handle The Struggles Of Entrepreneurship

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Struggling with entrepreneurship? I have been there and still get into major ruts. Dealing with them plays a huge part of your success. In this live stream I cover a few steps I take to get me out of those struggles with you.

Abandoning another career

Leaving your current job can be very scary when you decide to go about it on your own. Whether you are starting from scratch, or buying an existing business, you still have to rely on yourself and your skills to get the job done and create a profit.

While it can be scary, you have to realize that depending on someone else for your only paycheck is much more of a risk than depending on yourself. You can make bigger and faster moves when its your own ship rather than someone else's. Trust and invest in yourself. Then when you are ready to handle your business on your own, make the leap.

Investing In Your Business, Your Brand and Yourself

Your business and your brand is always one thing. It's you! People do business with people, not just faceless organizations. You have to be able to invest in yourself and ensure you have the right tools to run your business. This can be in your infrastructure, but now days more businesses are solopreneurs , so you have to invest in yourself.

What many entrepreneurs don't realize is that they have to become great sales people, great support people, and great marketers all while handling their accounting, their products and more. It can be a bit overwhelming.

Here is what to do

Hire people to do the hard things for you! You do not need a fulltime employee just yet, but can hire the hard stuff out by contracting those who are good at what they do, to do it better than you can. I hired a book keeper to help me keep track of sales, expenses and taxes, because I just do not want to deal with all of that on my own.

Being the visionary and Dealing with the Unknown

Now that you are your own boss, you have to have a vision of where your company is going. You will be responsible for the success or failure of your business. You will run into obstacles that you will be responsible to overcome.

Here is what to do:

Write your vision and goals twice a day. Write them like you have already accomplished them and you can see a vision of yourself in the future having already overcome those obstacles. Changing your focus on the positive will help you critically think better on how to overcome what may look impossible to a negative thinker.


Entrepreneurship is a lonely endeavor. It was something that caught me off guard, since I am a very social person. When I started a new business, I found my friends and family who were not business owners, did really support me. Everyone has things going on, so I do not hate them or dislike them for that. But I had to realize a few things.

  • People support things that they relate to.

  • My friends that don't have their own business or brand, don't know what its like doing it all on your own.

  • I had to go find entrepreneurs, like myself, to get the social and support I needed.

  • If I couldn't find what I was looking for, I had to create it. If you need support, go to my Facebook group and join for free!

Getting Known

When you are fist starting out, you may have a few clients in mind that you can work with, however, businesses always struggle with not being known. How can you build trust with them if they do not know who you are? You have to get known and you have to become the authority in your space.

How to do that:

You have to have a social presence and be consistent at it. People need to know that you will be there on the feed, or they wont follow you. You have to market to your audience through email, video, posts, and so much more.

What To Do Next

You don't have to go at it alone. Hire a coach to help you with the aspects you struggle with. That is why I offer to do all of the technical stuff for you! Get your online presence going and have that peace of mind knowing it all works for you!

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