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Michael Glover

Michael Glover

Master Instructor

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Michael Glover is an experienced leader and entrepreneur who owns and operates four privately held companies in the business, real estate, and tech industries. His goal is to help millions of people live their best life with balance and purpose. His passion for helping others can be traced back to living in the San Francisco Bay area as a young volunteer. During his two and a half years there, he helped others overcome life’s many challenges in three different languages.

Michael has experience as an aerospace quality auditor and has since applied that knowledge to business management. His passion for technology and system design drives him to help companies, business owners and entrepreneurs automate and streamline their processes so they can make time for what is most important to them. Michael has been published in newspapers and magazines around the country sharing his knowledge as a business owner, quality engineering professional and real estate investor.

Micheal’s experience with leadership and business as a second generation family office allows him to support professionals in every industry by identifying bottlenecks and business strategies available to the client. Michael empowers clients to focus on what they do best, while benefiting from streamlining their processes and automating their systems. With Micheal’s strategic guidance, clients are better equipped to bring their ideas to fruition.

Michael travels all over the country for business and philanthropic endeavors, but is proud to live in the Phoenix, Arizona area with his wife and four sons.

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